Bathmate Hydromax X40 Xtreme – The Best Penis Pump Available

The Hydromax X40 Xtreme is the 4th penis pump in our collection, but after viewing this product recently at a trade show and witnessing a demonstration on the effectiveness of the hand pump attachment, we were super excited about trying this pump.

Product Information: The Hydromax Xtreme X40 is actually a penis pump set. It comes with a discreet, black, zip up carry case that can be used for long term storage. This case even comes with a combination padlock, to keep people out and inside this case, you will find everything needed to begin your penis pumping routine. Included in the set, you will find the following items:

The Hydromax X40 Xtreme Penis Pump: The pump itself, including gaiter, comfort pad and valve, measures 13.25 inches in length. The entire length of the chamber, with its gaiter compressed, is 10.5 inches and this is roughly the length that the X40 Xtreme pump will allow you to expand to, before you need to consider a longer/bigger pump. The pumps chamber measures 9.25 inches in circumference around the base (just after the gaiter) and 8.25 inches around the top (the part of the chamber just below the valve).

As you can see, this is a large penis pump, designed for men who are larger than approximately 7 inches in length and 5 inches in circumference (girth) before starting. If you are smaller than this, you may also consider the X30 Xtreme, which is a smaller pump overall, but the X40 can still be used by smaller men too, with the confidence that it should never need to be upgraded. This means that the vast majority of men should benefit from the Hydromax X40 Xtreme penis pump.

Aside from the stickers and the valve design on the top of the X40 penis pumps (the x40 and the x40 Xtreme), both pumps are the same.

The Hand Pump Attachment: This is a high quality, solidly designed hand pump attachment with a valve at the end. This valve does not release pressure like the valve on the pump does. Instead, this valve simply helps build the vacuum while allowing water, or air, to pass through. To release the vacuum within the chamber, you need to press down on the valve system on the pump, not the hand pump. The hand pump attachment comes with a 15.5 inch long hose and the ball, or pump, measures 4 inches in length and 6.75 inches in circumference.

The Comfort Pad: The comfort pad is a cushioned pad, made from a rubber material and designed to slot inside the gaiter to provide more cushioning and comfort during pumping. This material is softer than the material used to create the gaiter, so it does help increase comfort.

Measuring Gauge: This penis pump set comes with a measuring ruler that allows you to measure both the length and girth of your penis. This helps you to track your progress as you continue throughout the weeks and months to come.

Shower Strap: This strap allows you to wear the X40 Xtreme, hands free. Simply attach the strap to the pump and put the strap around the back of your neck. It will comfortably hold the pump in place for you.

Cleaning Instruments: Contained in this set are a long handled cleaning sponge, for getting the inside of the pumps chamber clean between uses and a high quality, thick flannel/small towel which contains the Bathmate logo.

Extras: You will also find a small bottle of water based lubricant and a manual packed with tips and instructions for using this penis pump.

Our Experience using the Hydromax X40 Xtreme: We discovered that the Hydromax Xtreme X40 pump could be used as a hydro-pump, or as a standard air pump. We did notice however, that it felt more comfortable and functioned better as a hydro-pump. The water seems to create a better vacuum, a better seal and felt more comfortable overall. If you do decide to use it as an air pump, we found that applying water-based lubricant to the comfort pad before use, created a better seal.

The Hydromax Xtreme X40 can also be used in the exact same way as the standard Hydromax X30 and X40 pumps, in that you can compress the gaiter and create a vacuum by manually pulling the pump into your body. However, the difference between the Hydromax X40 Xtreme and the standard pumps is that the Xtreme also comes with a hand pump attachment. This allows you to create a vacuum by compressing the hand bulb instead of pulling the device into the body.

The hand pump may seem like an after-thought or an extra addition for those who prefer variety, but in our experience it was so much more than that. One of the main benefits to using the hand pump and the reason why it became my partner’s preferred method of use is because it removed the need to compress the gaiter manually into the body. Not having to do this reduces the uncomfortable bruising/pressure sensation that he felt around his pubic area during use. It also took a lot of effort out of pumping his penis. He could lay back, relax and simply squeeze the bulb when needed, instead of forcing the gaiter into his body. This feature could be a huge benefit to those suffering from a weakness or disability, especially in the arms, wrists or hands.

Another amazing benefit to using the hand pump, is that it allowed him to use the Hydromax Xtreme to maximum affect. He was able to pump out another few squirts of water/air using the hand pump, than he could achieve by compressing the gaiter into his body. This meant he could go that extra few percent further than he could manage without the hand pump. For those who demand perfection, or wish to get maximum benefit from their penis pump, I believe the Xtreme, with its hand pump attachment, would be the right choice.

Of course, the hand pump attachment is not perfect. We discovered that the connection between the hose and chamber could be temperamental before the vacuum was created. The slightest knock would cause the hose to fall off. Mind you, this was a minor fault, because as soon as we created a vacuum, the hose would remain attached. As a side note, you don’t have to have the hose attached to the bulb or the chamber if you don’t want to. The bulb itself can be connected to the chamber directly if you wished.

The results: Just as with our experience with the Hydromax X30 and the Hydromax X40, the results using the X40 Xtreme were incredibly impressive. While I do not personally believe that there is a permanent way to increase the size of your penis (aside from surgery maybe), we were both extremely pleased with the results overall. The most noticeable results occurred for the first hour after pumping, when there was a noticeable increase in both the length and the girth of his penis. These results would gradually recede and by the next day, his penis would have returned to its normal size. With regular, consistent use, we noticed the results stayed for longer and I have no doubt that if he keeps to a regular schedule, the changes would stay for longer still. However, I also think that if he stopped using the pump, his penis would eventually return to normal. Bathmate liken the pumping process to working out at the gym and I believe that analogy describes the results perfectly. You need to commit to see/keep results.

Summary: The Hydromax X40 Xtreme is THE best penis pump that we have had the pleasure to use (and we have tried a few, including two other Bathmate products). I believe the reason we loved it so much is because it is just so versatile, functioning both in and out of the water and offering you two different options for creating a vacuum. With regards to comfort and function, it was very similar to our experiences with previous Bathmate penis pumps, in that you could tell you were using a high quality, well designed product. The additional extras that come with the Xtreme are just the icing on the cake and will help to complete your experience and keep track of your results, which is great. We felt that the Hydromax Xtreme set comes with everything you need to begin a penis pumping schedule and I cannot see it ever needing to be upgraded, unless you manage to outgrow the chamber, which would be unlikely for the vast majority of males (but not all).

Because the Hydromax X40 Xtreme is so versatile, yet simple to use, I would be happy to recommend it to the vast majority of males, from complete beginners, right through to those advanced users who demand perfection from their enlargement products. This is my partner’s 4th penis pump and is his favourite by far. It is pricey, but we felt it was worth the cost. If money is an issue though, we recommend the Hydromax X40, which is also a fabulous pump, but it lacks the versatility and that extra few percent performance that can be achieved with the Xtreme.

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