Lovehoney Mega Mighty 3 Extra Inches Clear Penis Extender with Ball Loop

Lovehoney Mega Mighty 3 penis extender adds up to 3 inches to your dong and a little partner-pleasuring texture along the way. The snug sleeve and ball loop keeps everything in place and desensitizes your own pecker to prolong playtimes.

A realistic shape adds extra authenticity so your lover gets the true experience of porn-star-style schlong sizing. Adds 1-3 inches depending on your natural size. Use plenty of water-based lubricant to boost sensation in play.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS  – Lovehoney Mega Mighty 3 – Very Impressed

It took the help of great customer service agents Mackenzie and Pauline to help find a sleeve that would fit the way I wanted it to.

I am not a fan of those that stretch like crazy. The rigid ones that I was looking for did not have a canal wide enough to fit me. The majority of them are 1.2 – 1.5 inches wide and only 4.5 – 5 inches deep. I am 2 inches wide and 6.5 inches long and I was very hesitant on buying another product that would not fit..

This Mega Mighty was somewhere in between. Rigid enough to get the job done, but flexible enough to fit me inside.

I could not wait to try it out on my wife as soon as it came in the mail yesterday. I wanted to fulfil one of her fantasies about being taken by a “different” man.

After covering her eyes and tying her to the bed using the BASICS Bed Spreader Restraints and having my way way with her orally for about 15 minutes, I decided to give her a break for a couple minutes while I went to the bathroom and slipped on the Mega Mighty 3. I also slipped a condom over the sleeve to help with the illusion of being someone different.

I very slowly entered her while I watched the expressions on her face that went from “Wait – this is different feeling” to “Hey this is a very GOOD different feeling.”

The Mega Mighty 3 provides enough coverage of the penis to help people that may get a little too excited a little to early. You definitely can control your release point with this sleeve. And don’t worry, cleanup is a breeze with this sleeve as well.

I am extremely happy that Mackenzie and Pauline both talked me into getting the Mega Might 3 sleeve.

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Lovehoney Mega Mighty 3 – Great Sex

This was a surprise for my OH. I was a bit apprehensive about using this bad boy, but with it being clear it was just like having a big condom on!

I only just fit this but she was shocked by the extra girth and the inch and a half, we took it easy to start with as my OH is small. Once she softened up, she rode away with pleasure. It also is great if you are sensitive.

Lovehoney Mega Mighty 3 – What a surprise

Brought this to try out with the OH and this did not disappoint!

I’m more than the average size but wanted something that would spice it up and add more in every way. This of course came in the discreet box and once opened it makes your eyes pop at the size.

Once lube is applied to yourself this simply just slips on like a glove. One thing you will notice is it can be weighty but a very comfy fit. The feeling she experienced was fantastic and made the experience last a whole lot longer! Would recommend this very highly!

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