Male Edge Extra Intermediate Penis Enlargement System (8 Piece)

Penis Enlargement System – Male Edge offers a non-surgical Penis Enlargement System that permanently increases the length and girth of your penis. Follow the 6 month training programme to grow your penis via traction, which applies a tissue-stimulating steady stretch to the shaft.

The only clinically proven system of permanent penis enlargement that exists outside of surgery, traction applies a steady stretch to the penis. When consistently worn daily, the penile tissue divides and multiplies to accommodate the stretch, resulting in a larger penis.

The 6 month training programme offers average gains of 29% in length and 19% in girth. After the programme’s completion, continue wearing the enlarger to grow your penis further, or set it aside and enjoy the lifelong results of your enhanced penis.

Male Edge offer a 200% money-back guarantee for anyone who doesn’t see results after completing the 6 month programme. Just register on the Male Edge site and track your training and gains week by week so you can document the evidence of your size increases.

Male Edge’s extra Penis Enlargement set contains everything you need to complete the programme and benefit from a larger, girthier penis. Included in the set is a Penis Enlargement System, full instructions, 2 rubber straps, a protection pad and a ruler with angled measurer so men with penile curvature can record straightening. All are made in Scandinavia to the highest of standards, and a storage box keeps your set together, discreet and safe.


Male Edge Extra Intermediate Penis Enlargement System – Great product and produces enlarging results

I had previously purchased a Bathmate X30 Hydropump but I was looking for an additional solution for outside of the shower environment. I had read good reviews about the Male Edge and decided to give it a try.

When the Male Edge arrived I used it for about two hours the first day. The comfort pad was not very comfortable so I opted for a large Ace Bandage to wrap around the glans. I started wearing for several hours a day, six days a week. I’ve now worked up to about 8 hours a day and am hoping to go to 10 in the next few weeks.

I’m now one month into use, before starting I was just over 6.2″ erect and with the combination of the Male Edge and Bathmate (20 minutes during morning shower) I’m almost at 7.0″. My wife was a bit apprehensive at first but the last few times we’ve had sex she has been extremely pleased with the results. It has measurably increased the length but also the girth has increased at least 0.25″. I would highly recommend any Bathmate to any man looking to increase their length and gain more confidence in bed.

Much like previously mentioned, it takes time to work but if you stick to a schedule and wear the Male Edge whenever practical you’ll be pleasantly surprised (and so will your partner). I do wear the Male Edge to work when I’m wearing looser fitting clothing but have had a few awkward moments when it appears that I’ve had an injury the way I stand up.

Male Edge Extra Intermediate Penis Enlargement System – Lightweight, well built and relatively comfortable

When selected to test this as a secret tester after it had been taken off the main testers page, I (hubby) was delighted to say the least, and due to the nature of the item I’ll be conducting this review on my own.

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First things first, a massive thank you Jess! What a Christmas pressie just in time!

I’ve wanted one of these for quite a while as, as with quite a lot of the male population, who wouldn’t want another inch or more? However, the price was always hard to justify for something that may not work, and for something I did not necessarily need. Enter Jess Claus! Having received the Male Edge just before Christmas, it was like an early present. So, I opened it up and had a little read through the instructions and had a good look at the device itself, and to be honest it looked pretty straightforward.

The only downside to using it, I would have to wait for a few days for the Christmas festivities to conclude. However, first impressions were very good with very clear instructions and what looked like a very light but also extremely strong injection-moulded plastic device.

The travel case was what you would expect from a premium item such as this, and, being the intermediate version, a couple of extra comfort straps and foam padding are included.

I had decided to use this for almost a whole month before submitting my review to get a proper feel of the comfort and ease of use/practicality of use. But before I started I decided to take a note of my before measurements. I only took erect length (lightly pressed into pubic bone) and erect girth, as I have too much fluctuation when flaccid. I measured as 18cm (7in) length by 14.5cm (5.7in) girth. After 3 months of use I will submit another review including new measurements and then if increase are noticeable monthly after that.

Actually getting the device on was easy enough, but slippage was a problem. However, after a little research, getting a ‘head swell’ seemed to be the key (google it!).

Wearing the device was actually pretty comfortable but, getting towards the hour mark, a little numbness in the glans and some discomfort under the strap would creep in. So for me the magic number was an hour, then take it off and shake it out… literally!! Lol.

The first week I wore it for a an hour and the second week for 2, as explained on the Male Edge site’s training plan. However, with a full-time job and a young family wearing it for 3, 4, 5 then 6 hours a day, seemed a bit unrealistic. Back to Google, and fortunately various sources say gains will still be achieved – however, just over a longer period of time. I am now getting almost 3 hours a day at least 5 times per week minimum. And due to the research I’ve been doing, I’ve started to do a 10 minute penis pump session after to flush the Penis Enlargement System with oxygen rich blood to enhance my chances of locking in the gains. Now not sure whether it’s the Male Edge, the pump or both, but I have noticed a larger, in both length and girth flaccid size. Until now I’ve been able to resist measuring until the 3 month mark, this is to give enough time to see actual results if in fact it does work.

As mentioned previously, I will review again with updates starting at my next measurement date and hope to report positive gains.

Another thing to mention is the device has shown no signs of wear and tear and I’m still using the first comfort strap.

A little side note: I have a very understanding wife, who although thinks I’m a little crazy, is very supportive of me sitting with her at night watching telly with my Penis Enlargement System in traction! Lol.

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