The number 1 selling sex toy for men

The number 1 selling sex toy for men just got even better. Flight by Fleshlight is a discreet and fantastically textured male masturbator with an aerodynamic exterior, stealth opening and incredibly bumpy canal for pleasure that soars to new heights.

Your VIP pass to the mile high club, the Flight by Fleshlight is a complete redesign of the original model making it softer, more satisfying and more discreet than ever before. Flight’s internal sleeve is transparent with a non-anatomical stealth opening leaving your imagination to run wild with your own erotic scenarios. Lined with dozens of stimulating bumps, the realistic-feel sleeve offers intense pleasure with the added bonus of suction that is easily controlled via the screw cap base.

Take your fun to stratospheric heights by letting the insert warm up in warm water before play, and always use a good quality water-based lube with this toy.

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Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator Customer Reviews
Amazing sensations (Flight by Fleshlight) – Being relatively new to male sex toys, and since I have problems with erections, and having read previous reviews, I considered that this toy might be the perfect solution for me. First off I tried it dry and then with lube, however, combining it use with the Lovehoney Rooky prostate massager provided a mind-blowing variety of sensations which resulted in a full erection and lead to a mind-blowing orgasm which left me totally drained. Perfect for the solo player. Clean up was easy. If I have any complaint it’s that it’s a bit loud, but that was soon forgotten as my pleasure levels increased.
Excellent feeling (Flight by Fleshlight) – I had only previously owned one male masturbator which cost about £10 and I liked the feeling but wanted to give the real deal a go, and decided to spend the extra money to see if the name ‘Fleshlight’ was actually worth its reputation… I wasn’t disappointed. The packaging was great and discreet as always from Lovehoney and the look of the toy is really modern and would go unnoticed on the shelf as an ornament or standard bathroom item. As soon as I opened it the feel of the skin like rubber on my fingers was enough to get me turned on and after adding the free lube I was inside and close to coming within minutes! After more play with the toy what I love is the variation. You can use it slowly on the tip of your penis to create a blowjob-like feeling or go fast and hard depending on your mood. You can also unscrew the bottom which releases suction and again gives a different sensation, which is great for switching it up. It can make a little noise when using a lot of lube, but no more than you would expect or from any other toy.
First ever sex toy (Flight by Fleshlight) – Being aa early thirties male, the idea of the male sex toy can still seem taboo. However, openly discussion masturbation is fine and dandy! It is time for a change and with this, gentlemen, you will not be disappointed. The tightness of the toy is fantastic, but can also be adjusted for a lighter feel. The feel is natural, but a little lube is a must. I have used this for solo play, and on me by my wife, and both scenarios are amazing The downside is the clean up, but it’s quick once you get the hang of it. If you are considering buying this, I urge you to take the plunge. Sex toys are no longer female only and this will produce one on the greatest and natural feeling orgasam of your life.

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