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My motivations, I have never had a small penis nor felt lacking, 6.5 inches, closer to 7 on a great day penis enlargement; but had a partner who was a larger framed woman, and while I had had great reviews from previous partners, this new girlfriend was Amazonian, and after a mature conversation, it came to light that I just wasn’t big enough to fill her up; I can give her orgasms no problem; but compared to the last guy (8 inches and more girth) I just didn’t compare, and that full sensation is important, which knocked my ego a fair chunk as a younger lad. So after a lot of Google and late nights I stumbled upon and ended up looking at traction devices; I even read all of the studies out there, found out who paid for them, and decided I was going to at least try it.

First off, simply, it works, but not without work. If you need any convincing, simply google neck rings, foot binding and lip plates; while these aren’t perfectly analogous, it should demonstrate to you enough that there is at least something to the idea that is worth a try (and it is, worth a try that is).

The first 3-4 months, on the original device, I used it a lot to begin with and noticed immediate improvements in erection quality, and a slow and steady increase in length (I will come back to this). However, I didn’t use it regularly after that because life is complex and busy. After not using it for a while, I felt like the results I had gained weren’t permanent and was a little disappointed given the price, ego still knocked.

I got to the 8-month mark and decided it was worth another go, especially given the price they are. At this point, I realised that I hadn’t actually extended my penis on the first go round, but simply improved my erection quality and I was getting my full size every time; something that, if you can’t afford this for now at least, can be achieved with proper attention, care, quitting smoking if applicable and careful jelqing (again, google it).

After beginning my second stint, a couple months of a good routine, I actually started to gain actual length, and fairly quickly. I know that may sound too promising or you may feel suspicious but please read on and stick with me penis enlargement.

First, before you buy it, please read tips and advice, you definitely can do permanent damage to your penis with this and you need to be safe penis enlargement; even the temporary damage can be quite painful.

Secondly, you will get absolutely no results without a good training plan and consistent effort; none, just read around and you will find mixed reviews on traction devices even though the science is behind them, and almost all of the people who didn’t get results either didn’t have a timetable and deliberate use, or were frustrated with the time it took.

So after my second stint, alas, my original device snapped, and I stopped again; but with permanent results of 7.2 inches on a normal day, 7.4 on a great day penis enlargement

I saved for a month or two when I got the opportunity and then bought this version; that was 18 months ago and I haven’t looked back, coming up on 8.1 inches, and combined with other exercises and pumping, a decent improvement in girth of around .75 inches.

Before buying one: 

Eat well and lose weight, simply do this, if you stopped to say something like “I’m not that fat” or “I can do both”, please go do this first, 6 months in the gym will improve your sex life much more significantly than this device will, and it will also improve a much larger scope of your life along with it.

Quit smoking, just do it, for a million reasons, this being a really good one penis enlargement

Jelq, safely, pump, safely. Use supplements and vitamins (not penis pills, but, as long as your health is good enough or you don’t have a heart-related problem, things like bromaline or grapeseed extract, these will improve your circulation significantly. Read the fine print when using these.)

Once you do buy one, keep a diary or numbers so you’re not fooling yourself, take photos at regular stages too, so you can adjust your routines to make sure you get the best results as fast as possible or at the desired rate.

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Usage Tips: 

Use the foams and binding tape, getting your penis caught in the clasp can put you out of action and, unsurprisingly, be very painful.

Also, I advise don’t try to sleep with it on, seems like you can cheat the system, you can’t with this type of traction device and can lead to uncomfortable results. But this type definitely gives the best results (vacuum can be uncomfortable without experience and the weighted or leg strap ones work, but much slower and are really better used in conjunction with this one).

And last, but most importantly, look after your mental health.

This device will certainly give you gains, and that will certainly give you confidence; both great things, but not the only important things for a good sex life or good life altogether. You really should disconnect your sense of self-worth from your penis size and sex life before embarking on this, otherwise if you do try this, don’t commit properly and then fail, you will not be in a better place. That is for sure.

Mental health 2: 

Learn how to measure your penis properly, a lot of people who feel like they have small penises really don’t, they have a skewed perception of themselves and simply an improvement in body image and more attention can improve your confidence and performance in the bedroom significantly. Your partner will notice the difference long before your penis gets any bigger.

Mental health 3: 

Have an honest and frank chat with your partner, not just you being honest, but ask them to be honest too. While size isn’t important to a lot, to some it will be, for others, this isn’t even about size, but erection quality. Some will ask you not to do it, others will be engaged and supportive and even excited to help (motivations helps keep your penis enlargement routine up and can even make things run a little smooth with 4 hands), some may have even prompted you to read this. But mostly, a healthy relationship with your partner involves involving them in these decisions and parts of your life, remember, it ends up inside them.

Mental health 4:

Don’t compare yourself to porn, or others at all, set your standard by satisfying your partner, not out penis-ing the competition. Real penises are actually a fair amount shorter on the distribution than you would guess from porn and come with all sorts of variations that can’t be described on a graph, which way do you dress sir penis enlargement?

Just so you know, the Amazon woman I was seeing is long forgotten in the rear view mirror, and I am with a woman who is twice as nice and twice as short and twice as small, my gains have meant even more because of this, to the point where extending any further is somewhat redundant for the performance of the act, onto increasing girth!

And finally, this paragraph is for the women who are looking at this for the partner, contemplating it, but without their knowledge. Firstly, go consider all of the other things above, are you making your partner confident, improving their health, getting them to quit smoking, helping them feel sexy? If no, or, only some of those things, go do those before you raise this idea, it shouldn’t make you feel bad to want more from your partners penis, maybe what you’ve got is great, and more is simply an added bonus, maybe 3 kids and not enough kegels have left you a little larger than you would like; this is 100% fine (even fun if you’re using it right!). Just be careful with their mental health before you rush into the idea or talking about changing their penis, those little guys are incredibly important to us. Further to this, if you are ready to raise it, but not sure and would like to abdicate yourself of any responsibility then direct them to the below paragraph.

Dude, you’re great, but you can have more, a lot more, and I mean a lot more. Not only that, you can give more, and get more out of it at the same time (I have a time-share for sale if you’re interested, only joking); your partner wants to raise something potentially awkward with you in a non-confrontational way, with no judgement on your body, or your performance, but just an idea, something to try on a wet Wednesday afternoon the week before your great aunt pops down to tell you how awful the Cornish people were to her while she was on holiday; whilst you roll your eyes wishing you had time for a holiday, hell you probably do but you’re wasting it listening to your imaginary great aunt lack the self-awareness that they were rude to her because she was rude to them,*ahem* back to the point; it is entirely worth doing it, scam you say? Nope! Insulting? Don’t let it be (you will laugh at yourself being insulted in 6 months penis enlargement, if only you knew then what you know now, you’ve bought that weird thing that you don’t even know how to use, PVC underwear for your partner and then put them on yourself (by accident of course, mate), and extender sleeves, this is like, totally like, even better than them maaaan). Hearing your partner out in a loving and understanding way (Christ, I sound like one of those reefer madness voice actors, don’t do it, kids!), and potentially improving your body, mental health, sex life is more than worth/outweighs hearing an idea which you might not like, and if you don’t like, can get over in 20 seconds thinking about how stupid a TV show Hi-de-Hi was, how much you secretly miss penis enlargement it, and a hand-job in the bath after unsuccessfully spending 10 minutes on motherless looking for Hi-de-Hi porn (you dirty dog you). Now scroll up, read through, then speak to your partner; if you don’t like the idea, have a chat, decide for or against it, and if you’re not down with it then get on with your life and enjoy the billion other amazing things waiting in store for you with this wonderful woman who had bigger balls than you for bringing up such an awkward to present idea, when you aren’t even willing to hear her out without getting offended or grumpy about it.

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