REV1000 Rotating Rechargeable – Holy Shizbombs

Eureka! Finally someone has developed a REV1000 male masturbation aid with a motor which is bloody good! I’ve tried many, with different levels of success, but this is hands down the best of the bunch so far.

CalEx Alpha, Autoblow, Squeel XT, step aside, the REV1000 will have you cumming in no time, and from a standing start!

When the toys arrives, it is pleasantly heavy. I always think a heavy toy means business. The REV1000 comes assembled, but I’d recommend you take it apart prior to use, if for nothing more than to give it a pre-use cleandown.

You get two sleeves, which as far as I can tell are the same. One of these you attach into a cup-like part and attach with an O-ring. Simple stuff really. This then attaches to the handle via a magnet, and then the body of the toy screws around this. It’s all terribly simple, and means it is a doddle to clean.

The toy features 49 mind-bending combinations of movement, all of which are controlled by a thumb-sized dial with four arrows and a stop/start button. I’ve not really figured out what the buttons do, though, since this toy is so freaking awesome. I just do not care.

Essentially, construct the toy, whack in some water-based lube, get your old chap half-ready, apply a tad of lube to him too. Then, taking deep breaths, slowly penetrate the toy with your cock. Count to 5, turn it on, and mind blown.

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This toy is so powerful, so relentless, so very very good, that it has me writing around the bed in a mix of pleasure and ticklishness until I relent and either have a mind-shattering orgasm or just cannot take any more. So intense are the sensations that I don’t have time to try and figure out the controls. It’s all I can do to keep my cock in it and it on my cock. So much sensation!

It feels absolutely nothing like regular sex, but is similar to a turbocharged blowjob. The handle is well designed, because without it, and if it were poorly designed, I just wouldn’t be able to keep the toy in place.

Now I’ve eulogised sufficiently about this toy, I’m just going to chuck a fly into the ointment. The battery life is a bit pants. The blurb says 40 minutes from an hour’s charge, and I’m sure it is, but it really isn’t. I found that my death-grip on the toy kind of forced my cock to the very end of the chamber, and perhaps at an angle sometimes, and this puts extra strain on the motor, and for me caused it to run out of juice once too often. However, now that you’re forewarned about this you have no excuse – just make sure you charge it before every use, because this is one toy that is well worth having.

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