Robo Fuk Thrusting and Adjustable Unisex Sex Machine

Explore your deepest fantasies with the Robo Fuk Sex Machine. Suitable for men, women and couples, this mains powered thrusting sex toy comes with a realistic dildo and lifelike pussy attachment for hands-free pleasure and customisable play options.

Adjust the height and angle of penetration using the 360 degree rotational arm, and set the thrusting speed with the user-friendly, easy-grip control pad. A simple scroll wheel operates momentum, while a mounting bracket ensures your sex machine stays in one place during play, no matter what position you’re in.

For a less permanent fastening option, stick your machine to any smooth surface using the included suction cup pads. Always apply lashings of water-based lubricant to your attachment of choice for slippery smooth sensations and maximum gratification.


Robo Fuk Thrusting and Adjustable Unisex Sex Machine – I feel like the first thing I should do here is apologise for the lengthy review!

There are simply a lot of things to talk about with this machine, so bear with me and hopefully you can find some useful information. 🙂

The machine itself is covered well in the product video, so I shan’t bore you by repeating it! Suffice to say, it is compact and very lightweight, while still being sturdy enough during use, thanks to the suction cup feet/mounting bracket.

The noise level of the machine couldn’t be better. For the sake of testing, I went outside the room and closed the door while my partner adjusted the speed of the machine. At the lowest/slowest settings, you could barely hear the machine while you were in the room, let alone outside it.

At the fastest speed, I still couldn’t hear the machine. I even questioned if my partner was lying about turning it up and opened the door for a peek, and there it was thrusting away madly and silently. Good job! This is great news for anyone who needs to be discreet, or even those of us who find a noisy toy can put you off. The old ‘cover the noise with music’ trick would definitely work with this machine, if you need a little extra security.

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Noise and power often go hand and hand with sex toys. Thankfully, this machine does not fall into the disappointing trap of being quiet but powerless. The slowest speed is very, very sensually slow and great for teasing. As you ramp the speed dial up, it is definitely at least as hard as if you were having sex with a real, if overenthusiastic, person. This machine isn’t designed for hardcore, jackhammer-style thrusting, but it can still deliver just a bit more speed-wise than what you could reasonably do with a partner. And it can keep going at that speed indefinitely (or until your electric runs out), so great for long, drawn out sessions as well as quick, hard ones.

The one bad thing about the machine is that the cables are not great. The jacks on the lead move about just a little too much in their holes. If you knock the machine, they can actually become loose enough to cut power to the machine. They have stayed in during use for us, even when you brace your foot on the footrest, but only because we were aware of this and were a little more careful! It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s something to be aware of.

I wanted to go into a fair bit of detail on the attachments themselves, but I’m afraid this review is long enough as is! The photos show the aesthetics fairly well, though as is often the case, they look a little more detailed in person than in studio photos. On my monitor the colour is pretty much identical to the photos, with the male attachment very pale pink and the female attachment more of a fleshy tone. They both look great, much better than the cheap, plastic dongs or tubes of ‘real feel’ flesh that come with most other machines in this price range. They are easy to attach/remove. So, how do they feel?

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The male attachment was up first. It is very, very soft; far softer than a Fleshlight sleeve or standard stroker would be. Without the tube, it just flops over, which is amusing but not helpful (especially if it is ‘full’ after use). The textures inside look great, but the material is just too soft and you don’t really feel them. It’s a pity, but it doesn’t spoil the experience as much as you’d think. It still feels great, and you can’t beat the hands free element! Not to mention, the clear tube gives quite a show during use. You don’t need an excessive amount of lube to be able to use it comfortably as the material is quite sleek on its own.

The female attachment is a lot firmer; I wish they’d put some of this firmness in the male one to make those textures pop! This could, of course, be thanks to that remarkable little spine inside. I was super impressed by this, it is arguably one of the best things about the machine!

As you can see from the product video, you can bend the dildo to create a tailor made G-spot seeking missile. What’s better than a customisable dildo? Despite being easy to manipulate, the spine holds its shape well while the machine is thrusting, although at higher speeds it does often come out a slightly different shape where it has essentially moulded to your insides. It sounds weird, but it’s actually a major plus, as the flexible spine combined with the soft material means you’re never going to be hurt during use.

The soft material also means that, despite being quite girthy, it feels pleasantly filling rather than too big during use. There is a certain amount of give that makes it incredibly comfortable to use. It feels very much like a real cock, much more real than the stroker feels. For that threesome fantasy, this machine is perfect! Though it is worth remembering that this is 100% a female attachment, as the machine isn’t capable of anal penetration (for both power and hygiene reasons).

Both attachments went a little sticky after washing, and they are prone to attracting fluff, so having some renewal powder and good storage for them is a must.

Overall, the machine was very easy to use, but it was harder to use the machine on a male than a female, quite simply because of angles.The average male erection will be pointing upwards… while the machine also points upwards. Huh. While the fully adjustable nature is great for all manners of penetration with the dildo, where you can do anything from lying back in missionary to kneeling in doggy style, it simply can’t point down enough for the stroker. It can be a little difficult finding a comfortable position for a male user, but it is doable. We ended up having my partner and the machine both on the floor, which worked. but you could see the sleeve being stretched at the top due to the upward angles involved. It has left the sleeve a little pouchy, similar to what happens to a TENGA egg after use. I worry it will eventually tear. Those angles are quite a problem, and one you’ll need to take a little time figuring out. We seriously considered mounting the machine upside down somehow just to correct this!

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All in all, I would highly recommend this machine to anyone looking for one that works well for both men and women. It looks cool, it felt great for both of us and it can make so many fantasy scenarios a reality. It’s easy to maintain and store and discreet to use, so great if you have kids, housemates etc who you’d rather didn’t notice it. Getting the optimal position is a little tricky, but once you’re there, it’s all good!

A great quality machine, and despite the little niggles I do feel it is worth the cost.

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