Rocks Off Big Boy – Amazing prostate stimulation

First things first, the Rocks Off  Big Boy is not for newbies just getting into anal/prostate play, the size of the toy could prove to be quite challenging, so newbies beware. I myself am no stranger to anal/prostate play so I went straight in for the Big Boy, and let me tell you it does not disappoint.

As always, Lovehoney delivered this in plain discreet packaging. The next day delivery arrived on time. Upon opening the box, the Rocks Off Big Boy is packaged nicely in a sleek looking black and grey box. One thing I did notice, however, was that, on the reverse side of the box, it states that registration and warranty information can be found inside the box, but, when I looked inside, there was nothing but the toy itself. Also, there was no user guide, which is something I think should be included similar to how the Aneros company do, at least they mention positioning etc.

After unboxing and admiring the size of the toy with it’s three beads/balls, I went in for a feel, and the silicone material is a totally smooth, soft, cushiony feel with a solid core. Now, I was somewhat surprised at the actual size of the toy, I had seen the images and the video on the item page on the Lovehoney site, but, honestly, I feel that the pictures and video don’t give the best idea on how big the toy is. I would suggest to anyone looking into buying this, make sure you read the size in the product information.

Time to test out the Rocks Off Big Boy, so, after a nice soak in the tub, I decided to get myself aroused a little as this is the best way to begin any kind of prostate play. Then, after I’d lubed up, using plenty of Lovehoney’s water-based anal lube, I slowly inserted the Big Boy. The feelings of inserting it were amazing, the beads/balls only add to the pleasure. There is only one issue with insertion, and that’s the third bead/ball. It can be tricky to get that one in, which is due to the shape of the toy. With the right amount of positioning review, I managed to get the last one in, and there was no way this toy would pop back out.

With the toy inserted, I knew instantly that it was hitting my prostate, my lil guy was standing to attention, and flexing away, so I took the plunge and turned on the very powerful vibrating bullet. Oh my God! that was just total heaven, the vibrations were driving me crazy. I could feel them on my perineum, and then I could also feel each pulse of the vibration travel from the base of the toy right through to the tip of the toy. As I progressed on with the fun, I felt a very pleasant “buzzing” sensation in and around my prostate, and I actually thought I was going to orgasm numerous times, the pleasure was just that good! When the fun reached it’s climax, I can honestly say I have never had such a strong orgasm before, the pleasure and sensations during climax were so intense I felt completely satisfied and drained afterwards. Take care when removing though, as other users have mentioned, this can and does stroke the prostate when removing so you might feel a couple of extra pleasant surprise contractions.

Overall one hell of an amazing toy, sit back, enjoy and get your Rocks Off Big Boy.

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