TENGA Air Tech Strong – My man loves his new toy

Put Henry the Hoover down and slip inside this strong vacuum masturbator cup instead. The Strong Cup from the Tenga Air Tech series offers a firm and effective suction with incredible results.

Internal air chambers dynamically increase the strength of the vacuum suction, so you can upgrade from plain-sailing pulling to furious fapping.

The Tenga Air Tech Strong Vacuum Cup Supertight features thick, raised ribs and a super-tight grip for intense, more-than-satisfying play sessions.

Based on the Original Vacuum Cup masturbator, the Air Tech range is free from an internal sponge, making them hygienic, washable and suitable for multiple play sessions.

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I bought this as a cheeky birthday gift for my boyfriend. We’ve incorporated it into our lovemaking; I start by either caressing him with my hands or oral and then finish him off with the Tenga. All I can say is that he loves the sensations this Tenga cup gives him. It’s a turn on for me too, watching him lose control whilst using this toy on him. He cums fast and hard and, using his words, it feels so tight and good. Truly recommend this if you want to make your guy experience something new. It’s very simple to use and to clean. I’m glad I chose the reuseable; I have a feeling it will be used extensively.
I thought I would try one of these toys as they appealed for quite some time. Taking the black and red packaging off reveals just a plain black casing with lid. You get a sachet of lubricant with it. The material inside feels really good, especially when lubricated. Even better is that it gives a feeling of grip when you enter the hole. It is one of the most realistic feelings from a sex toy I have found. Also to make it even better there is an air hole at the top of the toy which if you cover with your finger increases the suction of the toy – which let’s be honest none of us will complain about! It only makes it feel even more amazing. Once I had tried it out I couldn’t wait to try it again….the feeling is that good. It’s very easy to clean and dries quite quickly ready to be stored away again. One thing that appealed was that it is reusable as many of these are one-time use only. I will definitely be trying out some more of these items in future.
I have never used a male masturbator, but I have had my eyes opened by the TENGA Air Tech Strong Vacuum Cup Supertight. On initial impressions I was sceptical, especially as the canal is narrow and impossible to insert into without lube, but with some lube I rose to the challenge. The supplied lube, which is meant to be a natural consistency, is probably best discarded as it is a bit sticky and, in my opinion, doesn’t feel as good as some other water-based lubes out there. However, the sensations of the TENGA are incredible. Warming the toy before use with hot water is recommended, and it does feel like deep-throat without the pauses for air! Covering and removing the air hole certainly gets the blood flowing. I particularly liked the fact it doesn’t try to look like any part of the female anatomy! I came quickly and hard with this toy. Whilst I can’t compare to other male masturbators I would recommend it. Even my missus was happy to take this to bed with us!

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