Utensil Race Extreme Reviews

Utensil Race Extreme Customer Reviews

Item arrived promptly and was well boxed. The final box has pictures and instructions, but these are in Japanese, so for most of us we have to figure out how to use the toy ourselves, which lets face it isn’t that difficult. Upon opening the box, there is a fairly strong smell, not overpowering or excessively unpleasant, but noticeable and all rubber toys from many different manufacturers have the same issue.

The item is a big piece of rubber which stretches and squashes under it’s own weight, so it came with small creases which didn’t affect the operation or appearance of the utensil race extreme toy as the creases were predominantly on the flat base. As for life size, this is the same size as a small woman, if it was any bigger with this material, it would probably have trouble with each orifice splitting under it’s weight, so for anyone who wants something the size of a bigger woman, this is not the material for it.

For operation, the first thing to note is that it’s essential to try many different positions. Some positions work brilliantly others don’t which will vary from person to person. For cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions, the item may be heavy but it will also work by rocking the toy backwards and forwards. For doggy, the flat of the toy works well for use with both holes. When using the toy on it’s front or back, it will slide around, so you’ll need pillows or something to stop it. It does change shape depending on position due to the weight of the toy, so guys of nearly all sizes have a chance with this.

It is very spankable, and you feel a delayed backlash as it regains its shape after the spank.

For realism, it’s pretty good, the shape of the utensil race extreme toy does change a bit through operation, which can add to the pleasure and increase the tightness in some positions. The sphincter muscle is not notable difference when trying anal. For the vaginal passage, the dual layer construction makes a slightly different feel to it which works well with thick, sticky lube, and doesn’t have as much of an exaggerated G-spot as many similar toys, the camel toe fits quite snugly too. The anal passage is not dual layered, so there is some difference in feeling between each passage.

To maximise pleasure, I found that using either a clone-a-willy or a vibrator of some sort in the other passage made for an incredible climax.

Cleaning this product is inevitably a nightmare. This is definitely not a product to turn inside out, each hole is closed and this barely fits in a sink. To make it even more realistic, it is even worth considering wearing a condom or pulling out just to make it easier.

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