Vixen VixSkin Colossus Penis – Oculus Rift for your penis

Give your Vixen VixSkin Colossus Penis bedroom bratwurst an upgrade and achieve an erection of epic proportions with this 7 inch penis extender by Vixen. Made from ultra-realistic silicone with pronounced detailing, it looks and feels just like the real thing, after a growth spurt!

With a stretchy ring that stretched around your balls for extra stability, this extender sleeve stays securely in place during sex for seriously deep, orgasmic penetration for your partner. Fancy making things even more realistic? Pop your extension into warm water for 10 minutes before play for colossal body temperature bonking.

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Don’t forget to slather both the inner and outer surfaces of this sleeve with water-based lube to increase comfort and glide for both of you..


I have tried quite a few of these and this is by far the best Vixen VixSkin Colossus Penis if you’re going for the ‘realistic’ type!

I used this with my girlfriend during a break in a particularly crazy session and it was a doddle to put on, I lubed up my Johnny Wilkinson, squeezed the end of the extender and it sucked itself right on there using vacuum pressure. The ball holder was very malleable and although I didn’t need it for the extender to stay put it really made me feel ‘aerodynamic’. All in all, prep took about 15 seconds – I could’ve done it in the dark.

Once on, it feels massive, but totally realistic. I knew that it was not mine, but it felt like a VR dick, like I put on the Oculus Rift and I looked down and there was a totally different dick down there, but it was eerily in harmony with the world. I touched it and it was cold, which was distracting, but I couldn’t help but marvel at the veiny details, the protruding head and the squishiness of the material; and the colour – oh, the colour! I got the brown one and it complements the depth of colour of my skin like a fine latte. Bravo, Vixen.

Size-wise I’m around 6.5 x 5.25 and it became noticeably larger when I put it on than it was originally but the material is stretchy and really accommodates me well – with a full hard-on it feels like an extension of myself.

Warm-up time was about 5 minutes which was fine as my OH warmed it up with her hands whilst we made out – I wouldn’t say it turned her on, but it definitely didn’t turn her off. Using one of these is definitely high up on my fantasy Vixen VixSkin Colossus Penis list and she was definitely happy (she always is) to try out my crazier fantasies. She likes being adventurous so it’s hard to tell whether she was getting a bit sex-crazed because she really wanted me or she really wanted the sleeve – On balance, it was me. Some fantasies aren’t grounded in reality.

When we got down to it just would not fit in – even with lots of lube and 30 minutes of sex already had; perhaps this is because she’s quite young (23) and with no kids (that I know of), but I reckon most women, heck, almost any creature would find this a challenge. I recommended that she go on top but she strongly refused so we were stuck in missionary, with me exercising my abs in ways I had never had to before – supporting the weight of my entire body as I exercised the ‘plank’ over her and entered her one-quarter inch of my very extended penis at a time with her, in parallel, slapping me and saying “slower! slower!” and when I looked up at her face what stared back up Vixen VixSkin Colossus Penis at me was a person that had lost all sense of decorum. It might have been the most beautiful thing I had ever seen – she looked manic, panicked, fearful, deranged. There seemed to be a strange inner compulsion for her to keep going but at all times she willed me to stop, it made absolutely no sense and I’m still confused.

After a time – I didn’t look at a clock – she acclimatised. I wouldn’t say ‘stretched’ or ‘loosened’ because she was still unbelievably tight and I could feel her tightness all over the extender. It was quite (in the British, not American sense) delightful. Her response was actually quite underwhelming at first, though in retrospect I think that was probably the relief from having overcome the first hurdle. After then it got a lot easier and a lot louder, she enjoyed it and so did I, it was great sex. The extender wasn’t too short or too long, it seemed to hit all the right spots without me having to bend like a pretzel, I even managed to pick up speed and really have at it. She came, then I tried to cum and didn’t, so she jumped in line and came again. I came, forcefully, and It was great, but by this point, where we’d normally keep going, she said she was unbelievably sore and had to stop. I said ‘Fair enough’ but my brain said ‘Fuck that!’. After a recovery period, she said that it was fun to try it out – she actually used the phrase ‘good fun’, I swear, these Sloane Square girls! – but she didn’t want to use it again.

This was a lie. We did use it again whilst very drunk some weeks later and again the morning after, but she said roughly the same thing (too sore) and it hasn’t been out 6 months since. Of that fact I am rather annoyed as this isn’t cheap, actually, it’s downright expensive, and two uses Vixen VixSkin Colossus Penis in 8 months isn’t what I’d call value for money – still, I’ve paid more on a boozy weekend and this was a better experience.

If I were to make an overall recommendation it would be: definitely buy this if you have some spare cash, but don’t think that you’re going to be using it every night or even on the regular – I just don’t think most vaginas can accommodate the girth.

I can totally imagine some going full Inception and wishing they’d never wake up from the dream, wishing they had this dick full-time Vixen VixSkin Colossus Penis, but, surprisingly, it actually gave me lots of confidence in myself – it made me realise that my size does what I need my dick to do 99.9% of the time and having something colossal is sometimes more of a chore than a benefit.

Still, there’s a good reason why Facebook invested so much money in VR.

Note: I have rated this a 10 on a scale which is relative to the class, that is, large realistic-material penis extenders. I would lower the value to 8 if we’re just talking about all extenders as it is simply too large to use regularly.

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